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Commercial Interior Painting in Zachary, LA

Interior painting

We just finished painting this new commercial building in Zachary, Louisiana. We started our process by prepping all surfaces like crown, baseboards, doors, cabinets etc. by prepping we mean: caulking, puttying, priming and sanding where needed. After everything was caulked and prepped, we then started by priming and painting the ceilings with a sprayer and finished backrolled so we could push the paint and primer into the sheetrock surface. We then start priming and painting all of the trim, this are: cabinets, crown, baseboards, doors, etc. In this case we applied Proclassic Oil-Based Semigloss Paint from Sherwin Williams with a sprayer for a mirror looking finish to all of the Trim. On the ceilings we used SuperPaint Flat and on the walls we used SuperPaint Satin. So the last step we did before final walkthrough was the walls, that’s always our last step prior to wrapping the project and walking it with the client.

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Exterior Painting Article
Interior Painting Article

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