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Exterior painting

Before we apply any paint, Yeras Painting LLC concentrates on the all-important prep work. This step is essential when we prepare to perform exterior painting in Baton Rouge.

Pressure washing removes dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants, thus preparing the surface to accept paint. This process also might require a day or two for the surface to dry before we tape windows and doors and move our equipment into place.

But even before any of these steps are performed, Jorge Yera and his team will discuss not only what kind of paint is best but which shades will create the beautiful, long-term look you desire. These are decisions we are happy to make right along with you.

As your premier painting contractor in Baton Rouge, Yeras Painting LLC prides itself on providing you with varied options to achieve the exterior painting result YOU desire. What are the advantages of hiring a painting contractor like Yeras Painting LLC? There are many, including:

  • Precise removal of contaminants
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Assurance the job will be done to specifications
  • Punctuality and professionalism from start to finish

Considering Selling? House Painting Is A Must Before Listing Your Property

While many home and business owners require exterior or commercial painting to restore an attractive look, others might do so because they are ready to sell. Given the housing market's current state, giving the exterior of your property the absolute best look possible is an essential consideration.

Yeras Painting LLC not only handles traditional exterior pressure washing and painting, but we also are happy to give your garage door special attention. Jorge Yeras says this is one of his specialty areas and falls within his "quality is our priority" approach to business.

So regardless of what you require in terms of exterior painting, rest assured we at Yeras Painting LLC will perform each step of the process with integrity. Whether we are scraping, sanding, or pressure washing, or it's time to take care of taping, trim work, and the actual painting, we won't advance to the next step until the previous one is completed to your and our satisfaction. That's the Yeras Painting LLC guarantee.

Recent Exterior Painting Projects

Exterior Metal Doors Painting in Baton Rouge, LA Image

Exterior Metal Doors Painting in Baton Rouge, LA

Our client reached out to the painting experts at Yeras Painting for our exterior painting services. We painted this metal garage doors and exterior doors in Baton Rouge that were pretty damaged due to the sun beating on it. The original paint was flaking and cracking, […]

Exterior Brick Painting in Prairieville, Louisiana Image

Exterior Brick Painting in Prairieville, Louisiana

In this Exterior Painting project in Prairieville, we painted the entire exterior of the client's house, including the brick. We primed and painted it with Loxon XP primer and paint ( best for brick and stucco ). We also painted all the soffit, fascia, porch ceilings, […]

Exterior Painting Project in Maurepas, Louisiana Image

Exterior Painting Project in Maurepas, Louisiana

Another beautiful exterior painting job in Maurepas, Louisiana. We painted the stucco around the house using Loxon XP Paint from Sherwin Williams ( best in the market ) this paint is flexible so the stucco can breathe. And then we painted the soffit, fascia, doors, porch […]

Exterior Painting Article
Interior Painting Article

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