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Improve Your Baton Rouge Home With Cabinet Painting

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More Baton Rouge homeowners are making the wise decision to opt for cabinet painting instead of replacement. Yeras Painting LLC is the company you already trust for interior painting, and our cabinet refacing is also top-notch. All of our painting work is top-notch, and we promise total satisfaction for all of our work.

Painting for cabinets is optimal, whether it's for your kitchen, bathroom, or other living spaces. We can update and upgrade your existing cabinets, vanities, and other cabinetry. We'll remove the old stain that's causing your cabinets to look aged and outdated, then repaint or stain them to transform their appearance and increase their value.

Call us to discuss cabinet painting, and we'll provide you with a free estimate. Let's work together for a quality, cost-effective alternative to cabinet replacement.

Professional Cabinet Refacing

You expect outstanding results when you hire a painting contractor for Baton Rouge area projects. The basics of refacing include:

  • Remove doors and hardware
  • Clean cabinetry
  • Repair dents, dings, and scratches
  • Sand down the cabinets
  • Apply new paint for a fresh look

You'll appreciate the detailed process involved with our cabinet painting process. We start by putting down waterproof paper, covering and protecting the entire area we will be working on to prevent scratches to the floors when working, including floor covering. We then proceed to remove the hardware, doors, and drawers. We carefully label each piece, making the reassembly process quick, easy, and accurate.

After that, we start degreasing the cabinets to remove accumulated grime over time. Following this step, we will cover all of your appliances and surface areas. If it's not getting painted, we make sure it's protected. Then, we apply primer, using a Shellac base primer which is the best in the market for stained and varnished cabinets, continuing the following work day to allow the required 4-8 hours to guarantee proper adhesion.

The next day we sand and vacuum everything to ensure the area is dust-free. Then, the fun begins because we'll start to apply paint, and you'll see the transformation take place. We use two coats of either Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Paint, Renner 2k PolyUrethane Paint, or Benjamin Moore Advance Paint. Once everything dries, we'll reassemble all of the hardware and doors, and drawers back into place (typically the next day ), and now you have a complete set of new-looking cabinets without having to rebuild them from scratch.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

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While some cabinets have really deep grains that are more challenging to work with, we'll discuss that with you once we assess your project needs. Either way, bypassing the need to replace your entire cabinets is more cost-effective than replacement which can cost 3-4 times the price.

Call Yeras Painting LLC for expert cabinet painting in Baton Rouge. We hope to hear from you soon; give us a call today!!!

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